Happy Gathering…

ever since i came back, the gatherings werent complete at all, it’s either this missing or that missing… but then last night, we had a complete gathering!! *yeay* everyone was there~~ so cool huh~~!!! but too bad, ZhanShen wasnt here, but he called when we were in the K… so… considering that he JOINED also ler…

a big thankiew to Den for being the host… all of us went over to his place to have dinner, we did potluck… Den made fried rice, Toung made fried rice TOO, Mayvis made pasta, Zeno fried beef, Wheimeng brought sparkling juice and i brought chicken ala king… and Weehong basically couldnt make it for the dinner…

but then we headed to Neway for a K session… that’s when KangEe and WeeHong came over to join… *OH SO COMPLETE* but we were so sadz coz we couldnt eat much of the buffet dinner as we already taken our dinner!! *grrrrrrrrrr* but hey, the buffet was good!! we still took a lot!! for the price paid for K and buffet, very worth it lor… especially when i saw MUSSELS + BABY OCTOPUS + the SOUP *yummy* we were all kinda happy with the session… some singing, some eating, some playing cards, some playing dices… and ONE SLEEPING… HAHAHHAHAHA… *wheimeng the pig in K*

and yeay, we SCREAMED until the end of the session… until the screen came out with ‘SEE YOU NEXT TIME’… 4am edi~~~ *ZZzZZZzZZZzzZZzZZz*


my chor 3 look… *KEKE*

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