haiihzz… really bored of doing anymore modification lar… just let it be lar… kinda nice also mar… hehehe…
oh well… first of all, i must thank my dearest wheimeng for helping me to get this website, although he is stooopid, still he is my best buddy!! yea yea… *muacks* i used to hate him a lot a lot during high school… especially form 1!!! surprisingly… he is one of my precious buddies now… wahahhaa… how unlucky man!!!
damn stressed weik!!! i have never stressed like this before man!!! cant sleep well, then the brain keeps thinking about the same thing anytime anywhere… wahlaoo… luckily i still have this baby for me to destress…
i will try my best to figure out how to make this baby to look prettier and prettier…!!!

5 replies on “Stressed…”

wow, didnt know you give up so easily 😛 i’m too cute to be hated isnt it? you love me so much! .. oh hope it remarks a good starting for your blog site!

learn to love instead of hate..

you bullshit… hahahahaha…
wahsai… i cannot simply love people one lar…!!! i am not an EASY girl… =P

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