oh gosh… i could feel that i am a bit fatter today!! why… i know!! coz i ate too much last night!! with this really delicious ABC soup cooked by Alice… oh man! with those potatoes, carrots, chicken… oops!! how sad…
and i went to stock up my cupboard with bread, eggs, packets of pasta, cheese… i am preparing my diet meals for this coming week!! yea… and i ate the ham+cheese pasta just now!! oh no… it’s so creamy… iisssh… nvm nvm… heheh, for one day okie? i will continue tomorrow… continue my intensive plan!! go go go~~
i was supposed to join my friend to study in melb uni library… but then… i am a little tired now man, and it’s so cold outside, i need a rest for TODAY, only TODAY!! it seems like i am giving too many excuses for the things that i have done!!
i was browsing someone’s blog just now, and i found this entry really interesting yet so true!! people are feeling so insecured these days, and i am not talking about anything else, it’s relationship between boys and girls… everyone is afraid of being rejected by the opposite sex… everyone is not being honest towards own feelings… everyone is hiding the true self… this is world going to be fulled of lies and dishonest people here and there!! just wondering… why cant people just voice up their feelings, speak out what’s in mind, do what they really wanna do, stop telling excuses, stop pretending, stop hiding… and try to be a true self BRAVELY… *dont understand why i cant…*

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yeah theres alot of problems arising now concerning love. but what is love? love is like that. u tend to hide feelings, arent brave to confess feelings n etc. hmmmm.. this happens usually on girls hehe. nevermind, erica fatty cousin, wish u good luck for ur exams and pray hard that i’ll do well this time without u kacauing me in the library hahaha! ok? will be heading to library starting next week onwards. without you this time,, awww so saddie!

hey you!! it’s sad to study in the library without me OKIE!! i brought you so much fun man!!
good luck to both of us and hoping to see ya in melb really SOON…
well… i do notice that love problems happen on both boys and girls lar these days… everyone so kiasu edi… haiihzzz…

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