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wow… it’s sunday man!! it’s 6th of june man!! 10 more days to go… damn, i am not ready yet!! help!! just after showered, really need to boost up everything to get back to my notes!!

hey, Survivor’s Law is good man!! this TVB series, damn nice!! the ending is pretty good although it’s expected… i really like BEN in that show, he can be sucha good lawyer, good friend, and also good in controlling his feelings… he is now my target, i gotta be just like him!! he likes someone, willing to do anything for her, but then knowing that his friend likes this girl and the girl likes his friend as well… but then, he still treating them as his very good friends, still liking the girl and helping her out anytime… respect man!! he is handling all cases so fairly, although he feels sad to against his good friends… he even can forget all the bad things that his best friend has done and help him, trust him… he is soOOoOOOoooOo nice man!! he is very cute and can joke so well… wow *sweet*… the ending is so warming, i smiled to myself when i was watching the ending just now… Ben finally can get together with his dream girl and, best friend is back to be a nice guy, their friendship has been upgraded!! so touching man…

wondering… whether sucha perfect guy existing in this world? hahaha… i am so touched by the way he deals with love problems… confess, when you think each other is meant be together and the correct one… keep, when you dont have this confidence and never try to spoil the friendship… if you like someone, it doesnt mean that you must be attached to him/her, always think for the overall ending… there might be a better ending if you both are not attached to each other… building own happiness by looking at the happiness appeared on his/her face… =)

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I love that tvb series too!!!
downloaded few months back..
ben is the guy with spec right?
damn…at 1st i damn pity him…
love the girl but the girl didnt know
somemore fixed her bag and lied to her that was actually his mum who fixed it…so ‘wei dai’

oh i got that series in my compilation but always no time to watch haha sigh.. life in kl is very exciting n busy haha unlike melbourne whoppsss! haha.. anyways exams worse still.. today spent 10 hrs in library. it was very tiring.. sigh! but satisfied with myself coz revised alot haha.. saw ur fwen, cherry. she so hardworkin.. hmmm.. dun always talk bout love la.. boring la haha coz im LES

that’s SHERRIE, not CHERRY…
hey, you know what is LOVE and what is LES or not? define it properly first ok? LOVE is not only between boys and girls… and… LES… they LOVE their girls as well… so… what kinda LES are you? or SELF-LOVING only…? so, in conclusion, the statement above is not a proper statment!!
wow… do i sound like a lawyer? =P

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