KL vs Melbourne…

when i was walking on the street back from the library, i looked at everything on the street and enjoyed the cool wind, the peaceful city… and there came happening and happy scenes in kl in my mind… and i kept asking myself the same question – ‘why am i here?’ i really cant answer this with a good answer…

i was so eager to come here, hoping to get a new life here, a happy life with 100% freedom… do whatever i want… and i decided to forgo my lovely life in kl to look for another lovelier life in melbourne… melbourne is a nice place, peaceful, nice weather, friendly people… i have nice friends here, i have good time here… but then, all these are not making me a better life over here… i still prefer kl…

i dont like to be here actually… i miss my home… my parents… my buddies… my friends… i am so helpless here… i miss those times having fun with my friends, being a fool by doing so many stoopid things… being pampered by so many people who care about me… bullying my parents… crying my tears out and sharing my laughters with my friends… gossip around here and there… blablabla… i can now feel the warm weather in kl… it’s warm coz of many people surrouding me, protecting me, caring me…

living with my own, settling things myself, deciding so many decisions, take caring of myself, pittying myself, pampering myself, pretending to be tough person, pretending to be strong, pretending to be smart and independent… cannot let mommie and daddee know that i am so lousy, cannot let them worry about me… my god!! it’s so damn hard!! i am going crazy soon… i think i am not ready to be a proper adult yet, i still wanna enjoy my baby princess life… i know i have to be independent, but i dont like it i dont want to be one!!! can i always remain the same? i dont wanna grow up, i dont wanna face so many problems, i dont wanna think so much… i dont like to be an adult lar!!!! being an adult is so damn troublesome!! what the…

damn… should i go home? should i continue my studies in kl? should i leave melbourne? should i go back to my home sweet home? should i go back to hide myself under my big and warm roof? *miserable*

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haha yeah of course u can come back to vu sunway haha…!! if u dont like the life there, then DONT FORCE man. u have to love it there to stay there long

YEAH!!! I like KL!!! nvm… i still got 1 year to go… only 1 year… very fast 1….. I miss my friends. My family!!! Faster finish my studies and go back…. not feel like staying longer….

niama….ppl in kl want to go australia then you want to come back
what la you!!!!!!!
wah..your brother change gf again

hahaa, i have almost forgotten this site as i’ve been real busy recently dealing with uu stuff.. until zs just browsed through your site right beside me in library and i was like eh? she started blogging eh? 😀

lol.. well, its a new life .. its hard to adapt or rather you have adapted to it but prefer kl to melbourne.. but life goes on.. you are so used to kl life .. takes time.. really.. probably when you’re back in kl, you would prefer melbourne.. you never knew.. its human reaction towards history.. grass is greener on the other side ma..

nvm.. we could still communicate via msn.. i have heard that you found some fools to do the site for you :PP haha pls dont forget to ask me for banner.. advertise abit weh..

anyway.. feel free to msg me in msn.. and i SHALL TRY to respond because both of my hands are under heavy chores..

yuan: i have been thinking of it ler… but… is it worth to it to go back?

veron: you and study lar dont talk so much!! and make my site nicer…!!

zs: what lar… you will know how sad i am over here lar… my only best friend is my blog edi… and ZHANSHEN when are you going to contribute in here?

wm: you always forget about me one lar… i die edi also you dont know one lar…

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