EURO2004 Fever

I think I’m down with a fever, EURO2004 fever. It will be the 6th night in a row of me watching all the matches’ game cast; sitting in front of my com from 12-5am and having some minor heart attacks along the way. Luckily I survived, but there are gonna be another 2 more nights of continuous football until Wednesday.

EURO2004 is not that exciting yet, especially when all the big teams and established players playing well below their usual standards. Maybe its because of the heat, maybe fatigue after the long season they had, or maybe they are out of form? Only they themselves know.

Players like Figo, Raul, Morientes, Henry, Trezeguet, Beckham, Owen, Gerrard, Scholes, Totti, Del Piero and Vieri all underperformed during their first match. This tournament is supposed to be the place where their real abilities on display to the world, but untill now, nothing has been seen, yet. Maybe tomorrow onwards…

There are actually a lot of young and raw talents in this tournament; Rooney, Robben, Van der Meyde, Van der Vaart, Ibramovic, Ronaldo, Kuranyi, Cassano, Torres, Joaquin,Alonso just to name a few. They really change the game when they are playing compared to when the established ones are playing.

That’s England vs Croatia tonight, BIG match man!! England has no excuse to lose again, else England gonna disqualify in EURO cup. Seem Italy didn’t play well also. Haha… It’s a hard game for Italy. Well, I’m still suporting Italy. Come on Italy, shows me your spirit!

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wahlaoeh… you scared me man veron!!! when i opened this site, i was like… huh? why suddenly like man… hahahaha…
dont lansi me!!!!! still have 2 weeks only!!!!

hahaa…. u complained that i didnt blog here mar…. then i was thinking make something new… wuhahaaaa… nice ler… I where got lansi u wor??

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