exams fever

hmmmm just want to complain that exams are driving me crazy. thank god im writing my last paper tomorrow and my dear cousin, erica still has so many days left haha! sorry, ure just so unlucky huh? when u are studying, i am playing haha! awww, thats so sad, but i already experience it many times, like all my friends who came back from uk and etc, i hardly see them or should i say i didnt spend any time with them yet? yeah soon.. cant wait for tomorrow haha!
by the way, becz of exams i cannot watch euro 2004 too.. but it isnt interesting to watch cuz i didnt bet on any teams, thats why. well, i was curious how veron can post up pictures.. and this is so cool.. posting up pictures haha, so i actually inserted this couple pictures of my idols, i like them, and im more to trying out this new thingie of posting images. haha bear with this picture.. sorry kie? good luck in ur finals ericca!! she scolded me that day for calling her “eriCa” she said its not eriCa its eriCCa.. damn lame, yeah i missed out one alphabet “C” only haha mou liu!
my dear kenix and frankie
this is just so cool cause kenix is pretty and frankie’s handsome too. pls dont scold me for this blog eriCCa hahaha! nex time i’ll post up my pictures k? if u want to see them hahah! work hard!

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