EXAMS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!

hahahah before i start anything, let me announce that andrea tay yong yuan’s exams over!! shit, im having some problem here cause i dont seem to enjoy blogging in my own personal site but i enjoy blogging here, mayb coz i can insert any pictures i like haha so cool!!
anywayz, yeah exams officially ended when the clock ticked 12.15pm today! so cool.. really, and i’ll be heading to redang in 4 hrs time!! we will be taking a cab from my house at 5am!! the flight time is 7.15am crazy.. havent sat for a plane so early before..well, a new experience true story.
didnt know my good friend, cheryl got attached with her lover, jonathan. finally she found a dim sum guy that suits her character of a dim sum girl haha lame..
finally i can do my shopping, went for a little short time shopping after exams with my 2 buddies and met my hubby [chinny] for gambling session and dinner, well, he won all my money and he brought us to a place where they charged us 92 bucks for a few dishes for 4 person. crazy freak! black-listed that dumb dumb place. well exams over, but im still worrying on something now, is that whether can i make it to melbourne in this coming july? well it actually depends on my results. i hope i can do really well because my internal are not bad so hopefully la, pray hard for me dear cousin hahaha! dear eriCCa , still on exams huh.. poor thing.. bear with it la.. u’ll be fine la.. hehe ok? cheryl, gonna take care of ur “jonathan” for the time being hehehe! eriCCa, must study hard u know? dont always play gunbound, since u like gunbound so much, let me promote gunbound la.. hope they pay me some money later. well, whoever who wants to meet ericca to play gunbound, download gunbound first n then start shooting ur asses off! haha.. ciauzz!! sleepyyy YAWN!! shit? hey eriCCa, ur lovely petbro, thong chee wai .. im waiting for him to pass back my camera to me leh. i thought i lost my camera jst now looking up and down and i suddenly remembered i took it out in his car, n i called him and he sai dhes actually waiting for me to call him!! and i was like.. oh man, u shud tell me so i dont need to be so scared js tnow haha and he sai dhe planned to give it back to me as i need it to go redang haha. so hes coming at 2am i think.. shit now 12.30am only, i need to sleep if not tomorrow cant play leh! haha.. so i’ll wait for his call, but anyway, ur petbro is damn nice hahah.. willing to give me back, i will give him a muacks for u, agree? :)

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my god you!!! why you gunbound’s pic here!! hahaha… leter they sue me then i will die lar… =P
wahsaii… enjoy your redang trip man!! and… take more cool pics for me yea!! =)
oh yea, talking about my dearly didi, of coz he is nice lar!!! you think everyone can be my didi one meh~~~ alamakz~~~ and the best didi reward goes to… –> James Thong Chee Wai *muacks* hahaha… let me blog about this lil charming boy next time…
erm… my god… damn lame lar your cheryl and HER JONATHAN~ *fainted*

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