March babies…

well, i got this fowarded mail, and i find it quite interesting… hehehe… share with you guys, and erm… yea, what do you think of me then? i am a march baby here… *grinz*


Attractive personality. – am i?
sexy. – really?
Affectionate. – yea, i think i am TLC.
Shy – yea, i am shy… sometimes.
reserved. – yes yes yes!
Secretive. – keeping secrets to myself =)
Naturally honest, – i am honest for sure!
generous – to people that i like.
sympathetic. – confirmed!
Loves peace – yea, dont fight, dont bully me…
serenity. – dont think so.
Sensitive to others. – i am always sensitive.
Loves to serve others. – coffee, tea or ME?
Easily angered. – dont play play…
Trustworthy. – oops, dont trust me please…
Appreciative – yea, i appreciate all good things and people.
returns kindness. – depends…
Observant – yea, i am 8, i observe a lot!! so?
assesses others. – sometimes lor… =P
Revengeful. – dont mess with me!
Loves to dream and fantasize. – wow, my best subject!
Loves traveling. – fun fun fun!
Loves attention. – why not?
Hasty decisions in choosing partners. – huh? then why am i single for so long?
Loves home decors. – yea, nice and cute one!!!
Musically talented. – i am not… sorrie…
Loves special things. – yeap!!
Moody. – wah, i think everyone knows about this! haha…

p/s: anyone wanna know about youself, let me know ok…

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