Potong Steam…

first of all, i screwed all 3 papers and i wanted to have a rest and relax myself a bit after struggling for so damn long… so i went to this CARE GROUP thingie, and yea, it was fun… although the game was SUPER lame!! ahahha… i enjoyed myself there, oh yea, i like those people there… they are nice and funny… especially… hehehe… not going to mention HER name here… but she is really amusing, friendly, crazy, fun… NICE!! i have this kinda feeling that, when i look at her, wow, everything moody GONE in just a second… coz she is too funny edi!!! and this is why i CONFESSED to her that i like her, hahaha… damn, i am not LES lar, i am still waiting for my DREAM GUY to pop out… dont think too much!

oh yea, suddenly i had a call with private number then i picked up, oh it’s MOM!! hahaha… she asked me,
‘you fainted ar?’
i laughed, and i asked her,
‘do you think people can still modify msn nickname to tell you that they are fainted IF they really fainted?’
wahahaha… damn funny lar my mommie!!

after the care group, we went for karaoke!! wahlao, i think… there were 24 people in the gang, and no room for us… we gotta K at the lounge… oh nvm, i still enjoy K-ing myself without mic and sitting very syokly on the sofa… hehehe… but then, a bit short ler the time we K for… haiihzz… and then after the K session, there came this POTONG STEAM session, we wanted to get into Amber to club, but then… i didnt bring ID… and the Q was damn long as well… so sad yea… and SORRIE for the GUYS who brought IDs and wanted to get in… SORRIE SORRIE SORRIE… :'( then very sadly we went for supper… haiihzz… with the sad and potong steam mood, came home, DAMN! even more potong steam… i saw my room was empty… haiihzzz… means… i gotta sleep alone again… how sad… and who cares lar, it’s 4am, too tired to think about the fearness and sadness…

what a potong steamiest day!!

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