I’m sick of myself…

wahsai, i told myself I MUST BLOG this!!! so amazing… hahahaha… cant help myself though… i just come back from library, and IMMEDIATELY i am blogging before i forget… poor memory i have…

well… i dont know why, this song had been round and round and round in my mind whole day… so i started to think “who the hell is this person” while i was on the way home… when i was recalling my PAST, and physically i had 3 ex-es, the funny part is… DAMN!! i cant recall their names!! ahhahaa… i really cant, iiisssh… how sad it is man!! i can only recall the first one, and the other 2… oh no… can anyone please tell me… hahahaha… yooorh, i really sick of myself lar, am i having such a BAD memory huh? wahlao, the last one was less than 6 months ago and the 2nd one was less than 1 year… and i have forgotten everything? sad man! i cant really remember their names, their birthdates, their phone numbers, their car plate numbers… but for some reasons, i can still remember SOME OTHER PEOPLE’s names in FULL, birthdates, phone numbers, car plate numbers… wahlaoeh, damn sick man!! i feel so bad now… haiihhzzz…

yet, i actually know who is the person… hehehe… NO! i am not going to admit it!! and NO NO NO NO NO!! for those people in kl, i think i know who you guys are thinking now… and i am telling you, NO! proudly and loudly!! i am not a loser… wahahhaha…

and this is the song for today:

爱一个人好难 – 苏永康 – 爱一个人好难



zeno, if you have the chance reading this, i wanna tell you something… remember the baby minnie keychain that you bought me from tokyo? yea, previously, her left hand was broken… and today, very sadly, her right hand broken as well… SORRIE =(
can buy me another one ar? hahahahahah…

yuan, and remember the bear kaychain that you bought for me from singapore? oh no worries, his hands are still ok… but, he is very dirty edi… can you please come and bath for him ar? *thank you*

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