wow!! i am so happy today!!! guess what!!! yea… first time in my life SEEING snow, TOUCHING snow, PLAYING snow, SITTING on snow, WALKING on snow, LYING on snow, CRAWLING on snow, FALLING DOWN on snow… hehehehe… happie man!!! it was FREEZING there, so cold!!! at 1.6 degrees leh~~~~ and the snow was so damn soft weik, so thick somemore, kept falling down lar once we stepped on it, and it went down, the whole leg went in… hahaha… gotta pull the leg out of it… and yea, then i lazy to walk edi, so i start to crawl… hahahaha… it’s damn funnie lar… =) then we had snow-ball war… fun fun fun!!! and the place is damn NICE man!!!! feeling damn good over there, but then a bit disappointed lar coz it wasnt SNOWING… anyway, luckily it was so worth it, nice view and a great experience after driving like mad for so long and the 1.5 lanes road but meant for 2 lanes… damn scary somemore… luckily we are SAFE!!!

hehhhe… i had a great day, thanks to Terence and his cousins Kelvin and Charmaine… wahlao, days with you guys are really fun man!!! lame jokes… and… the best joker of the day goes to KELVIN!! hahaha… he was damn funny whole day talking and doing lame things… well, it’s great knowing you guys… *nice to meet ya* Charmaine, when are we going to K man!!! but too bad… you guys leaving edi… haiihzz… sad!!! hope to see you guys again SOON!!

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melbourne snowing freaks? ahha! wait, is it mount buller or something? or is it melbourne city? muahahaha

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