Another new life…

i am hoping for another new life… yea… again!! it seems like i always looking forward another new and better life… it seems like i always dont like my current life… yea yea yea!! that’s the fact!!!

again… i miss people that i love so much… my dear family, dear family buddies, dear DIDI~~

of coz, i cant have new family over here, so my family is not replaceable… but i thought of having more friends here, maybe better friends… but then, i feel so sorrie to myself, i cant find any friend here, what i mean is a true and real friend… so still my best buddies are the BEST!!! love ya lots and lots… so i found that, people in melbourne all not nice one!! ahhahaha…

well, i miss my didi lar!!!! who is my didi? James Thong Chee Wai lor… ahhahahaha!! i bet he will scold me if he is reading this… =P but who cares, i like to tell people that i like and love them… wahahhahaha!! my petbro since form 3… wow, it’s already 6 years man!! i appreciate this special relationship with him which cheers me a lot…!! he used to be my DIARY, yea, he was the ONLY ONE who knew about my EVERYTHING… even some very secretive secret… hahaha, i dont know whether he thinks that this is good or not, but for sure, i love to have him around me!! that’s fun!!! recalling those days checking my own desk when first reaching my class every morning, yea, to check whether anything from my dearest didi… recalling the mail box that i used to have only to store my didi’s emails… we had up to 3 mails a day, and not those 1k mails, those were 5k mails… i love them man!! whenever i was doing shopping, i always had my eyes on something to buy for my didi… yea, i very sek him, just like my SON!! hahaha… and it’s funny when i greet him happy birthday and he greets me happy birthday too… coz we have the same birthday and there was once we celebrated our birthday together and it was only both of us, so lame!! ahahhaha… it’s fated man!!! although these days, we seldom chat with each other, still i miss him and love him so much… *muacks* hoping that he can be my dearest didi forever and ever… =)

sometimes i wonder, since i have my heart for so many people out there edi… will i still have a part of my heart to have my lover? ahahha… it’s kinda funny yea… what i had last time was, i had my ex and abandoned others, especially my buddies… i feel so sorrie for that, but they didnt blame me for that yea… so nice!! so, now i love everyone more and more, so i guess my future bf must be very chamz… ahhahaa…

on the other hand, i think it’s very hard for me to get a bf or a new friend anymore… i really find it so hard… and i find most people are so mean and not as nice as those people i know… well, maybe it’s because that i knew them since high school, and that time we traded our friendship with heart… but now, adults’ world is so complexed, not that pure anymore, everyone is being too fake… i am so blessed as i can still be so close with my dearly friends… i really feel so damn blessed… =)

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