woohooo… i am so happy after reading a message from a friend… and her words really really touched me… and i didnt know that both of us could be so close…

we met at nokia while we were both working for the roadshow… and we just CLICKED in just ONE DAY! and that time, i thought… yea, it’s just like normal working partners, would gone after working… but then she is just so different!! even after nokia, she still introduced me other jobs and we both went for it, she still called me for clubbing and yumcha… she even asked me along to take pictures together with her friend in those studios… and now, we still keep in touch… =) i dont know why, she is so damn happening and crappy… but she could understand me so well deep inside my heart, i like to listen to her words, her stories, i enjoy her company…

i miss you and love you so much, darling… SKY…

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That is great that you found someone you click so well. It is not everyday that you find something you feel comfortable with from a beginning. I met a friend who I clicked well this year too. Probably the first time we can understand each other so well without much interaction.


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