well, first of all, congrats to YY… she has a real good result, good job girl and she is coming over… i am waiting for her to come over… =)

secondly, my result was sucha farked up… even me myself dont believe that i could get sucha result… i was really upset, not coz of the result, but coz of the disappointment that i brought to people who care about me… i felt so guilty and bad… i thought i was the only who deserved the result, but, it’s everyone… sorrie for worrying about me all the time and thanx for forgiving me and understanding me, i am going to do better, i mean much better in the future… i am so blessed that i am having nice family and uncle auntie… thanx!!

on the other hand, both of my crazy friends have left melbourne to kl… they are on the way back to their home sweet home… safe journey yea… kinda miss their presence now, having them during my holiday really fun and great!! hoping for another chance in the future… =)
Mayvis, it’s nice to have this kinda life together with you again after chonghwa… although we didnt really have any chat or do any special thing, i felt happy and nice as it was so comfortable being together with you…
Dayna, my new friend, i am so glad to know you man! you are sucha crazy chick but i love you… your craziness has destroyed the barrier between us on the first day… i felt so comfortable being with you although you were new to me… =) *nice to meet ya*

i actually kinda down… coz of so many things have happened together… and my only true friend here with me, my baby is having problem now… she is very ugly now, it’s all my fault, i have made a mistake in the template but i dont know how to fix it back… i am sad… can anyone help me?

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hey my dearest cousin. dont worry bout what had happened, u have to learn the lesson and work harder in the future k? dont worry, i am coming, so u wont feel so lonely haha and u can study with me keke.. muacks see u on friday

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