my 1st day in this blogggggg

holly shit juz dun believe this gal let me join her blog cxz i m so strange 2 her!!i means she dun even know me well!!!wahahahh!!but anyway she will b regret of getting me in bcz i m such a crazy fella :>(sure u will agree if u know me well)!!

well this semester really trapped me in2 a very very bad situation!!!oh god!!oh ya 4got to intro myself!!I am 21 years old i think (i m not very sure)!!then my upper part is flat so i m a boy then i m a sharp gals watcher so i got a very pretty spec on my face to help me accomplish my mission B)!!!then…..i m driving a huge big monster car which my dad wanted me 2 do so~~~this car really lame cant move fast and is 2 damn big for me but is good for fetching gals!!CXZ it can fit a lot!!!i like small little car man!!erm, so anything else??ohya i can talk really loud ok!!!the whole street can even hear my voice!!!so when u wanna go bargaining with mafia or something grab me along!!!wahahha!!!then i got lotz of crazy idea in my mind so if u wanna play prank on some1 or wanna hav some fun i m ur best partner!!!but dun even thinking of studying with me ok!!!cxz i dun like 2 read text books and i cant even sit in library for an hour except watching gals lol!!

Something weird about me is i like 2 read history books especially those chinese history book is my favor man!!!but i dun really read comic except la bi xiao xin (shin chan) this guy is really my idol man!!!waahaha cxz in his mind got damn lot of crazy idea and the way he talk is so damn special and he is so damn horny!wahahha!!!basically i just same as him!!wowoowow!!gals will scare of me wahhaha!!although a lot ppl, my dad, my gal, my lecturer, my frens saying that i m very very childish!!!well i got my own approach lo!!!hahahhaha!!!cxz normally i dun really shows up tat i m serious but if u close to me enough then u will c when i m thinking or doing something seriously i will look like 90 years old ah pek!! and this really scare my fren cxz they thought i became another person wahahhaahha!!!possessed by ghost!!oh ya i like to think, thinking a lot of thing, my future, my ambition, other ppl approach, war tactic, philosophy is also my favourite!!!so basically i m a complicated person!!a guys with old school n new school of thoughts!!!so i may get mad 1 day!!!lol:crazy:!!wao is almost 3 am gonna sleep tomolo still got classes baby!!see ya!!so this is my 1st post continue tomolo!!tired man brain cant even turn well!!!

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well… it’s ok for me to have you here, so maybe can get my site to become more interesting leh… with your lame words!! haha… erm… if i am not satisfied with you… i guess i can terminate your account anytime or just delete whatever i dont like… *ngekngek*

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