Final………baby…….time 2 be bookworm

final is the time where i sleep most!!y??bcz whenever i opened my text book i feel like wanna sleep!!!:>> juz dunno y!!!n the lect giv no time for us to study, he only finished the last chap on last week and also finished the last progress test!!!i m so tortured!!!

ok nvm!!after final i will b free!!!can go kai kai with my frens, my gals, go my fren house n hav boyz talk!!!wat boyz talk about???holly shit u will never think about it gals!!!we talk crapz all the time, we share our seccret!!!wat secret???diff sex experience with diff gals but usually juz 1 guy talking n we juz listen cxz he got damn lotz of playmates n we got nothing !!!wahahahha this is the most interesting part!!!then reveal some secret of other ppl, juz like gals talk, then we chat anything…..until we cant stand n sleep then next day go kai kai again this is boyz life ok!!!/????

in holiday i m the one who always being hired as a lightbulb to accompany my fren to go for their 1st date with a gal they like!!!y is me all the time, cxz i got tons of lame jokes n topic 2 share with so they wont feel bored in their 1st dating cxz normally both party r shy!!!but if i m sleep during tat moment!!i will say nothing just stone there!!!hehehehhe!!then transform in2 pig n shows u my sleepy look!!!~~~~

i like holiday!!!baby, holiday can read books!!!then update myself from current news from my frens!!!wat news?not those on newspaper!!are those underground news!!wowowow!!!wats those news???illegal racing(my favor, never ever missed), hacking(this is cool baby), sex party news(is fun 2 listen), and bla bla……ok time up, my tummy say wanna eat so i gotta get out n buy some food!!!
my carlsberg trip!!!c all drunk buggers!!~~
this is my carlsberg trip pic!!c all drunk buggers!cxz we got free beers!!i got the most red color face n ofcxz with a spec wearing a dark blue t-shirt standing where juz right behind a guy wearing light blue shirt!!!the best moment of operating management class!!!wowowo

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