pYy is a detective!!! pYy found the guy who stole his gf hp!

2 months ago me n my gf lost our hp in a restaurant, then 2day i back to the restaurant again to have my tea break…………then when i go to da counter and wanna pay my bill, i saw a hp on the cashier table, is the same model as my gf hp!!but the cover is changed!!!but my 6 sense told me tat this hp belong to my gf!!!so i quickly rush 2 my gf house n get her hp receipt and warranty card!!wats next???ofcxz i back to the restaurant again then i make a take away order then the cashier leave his table go back to the kitchen!!!n theres no ppl there, within any delay i grab the hp on da table n press the imei number and guess!!!the number is same as wat written in my receipt!!!damn……but the cashier deny this hp belong 2 him damn!!!he say is a customer leave it here!!!is a regular customer!!!damn!!who da hell will believe him!!! i call my dad n ask him whether should i report to police , but my dad say nvm la cxz the restaurant is owned by my neighbor, dun make so much trouble, n i say no way this is my gf thing, i hav 2 get it back!!!then finally my dad came n settle everything!!!damn i say wanna report police bcz i 1 2 get my hp back 2!!!damn my dad say nvm la……….aiks, n the fucking cashier call us 2 leave the hp here n wait for the customer come by few days!!!then finally my dad call his fren who is a police n by talking in the phone, the cashier got no choice must return the hp 2 us………….but how about my hp:'(????just wanna call 2 police n threat him 2 return my hp by saying tat if u dun hands up mine, then we gonna make u a report!!!!holly shit!!!but anyway i m smart ass baby, n very thanks 2 my 6 sense, it never be wrong!!!

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