When some1 ask for my feeling………

When ericca told me tat i should write about wat i feel in this blog, then 1 question start raising in my mind… come i dun hav a strong feeling about wat happen around me………it is not tat i dunno wats happening around me, i m sure tat i m quite informed…..within days n days thinking at last i got an answer….the reason tat make me got no feeling about all these…….

cxz i found everything in this world is consist of selfishness…………erm dun u think so???try 2 think about why ur fren wanna b fren with u?cxz he is boring, he need a partner, he need some1 to talk 2, he need some1 2 help, tat y we say sometimes we help our frens n our frens will help us also……… can u see the relationship???when the time u helping ur fren, u expect tat in no time ur fren gonna help u back……..every1 does thing with their motive!!ok u may say that u got a best fren, which u guy dun count on each other…..but can u assure that in the future will u guys still tat close?do u think about wats the reason make u guys close to each other, maybe he live nearby u or some other reasons…..every1 juz try to make use of other ppl, do u think u still can keep close to each other when u guys seperated very far????when u r really in deep trouble, do u think they will willing to help u????dun tell when u r sad u r in big trouble!!!!ok!!!those big trouble can be worse………like bankruptcy, do u think any1 will help u????

i taste the sweetness n bitterness of life, y cxz i used to b damn rich n poor, how rich???i got hell lotz of toyz, wat i used r the most expensive, then how bad is it when i m poor???my dad can even pay the road tax!!!and almost bankrupt!!so this is life………..when u r rich every1 comes 2 , when u r bad, every1 away from u, even ur relatives, ur wife all gone………this is life, the truth of life…..

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After reading through this blog. I agree with what you have said about how life goes and the truth about how people acted nowadays. I believe alot of us have experienced lots of ups and downs, happiness and sadness, as well as disappointments. All these can’t be stopped from being happened to us.

However, we must remember that, no matter what had happened to us, must not be applied to the coming future. For example, a person who be with you for some sort of motive. As what you have mentioned. When you are rich, people come to you. When you’re not, they will be away from you. These people are materialistic, but not all are the same. True friendships will not be like this. Whether you are rich or whether you are poor, they will still there for you. True friends will never expect anything from you or vice versa in future.

I am just giving my opinions and my point of view in this. I did not say your point of view is not right nor wrong. Everyone has their point of view. It is the way we adapt it matters.

Nice blogs you have here, Ericca. We might not know each other for long. But I believe we are considered as friends. Take care, and cheers!

Commented by: Calvin Wong

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