Snatch theif!!!

holly shit 2day is the last day of my finalz then the whole class go redbox n celebrate……….damn i m the 1 sing all the way bugger no ppl wanna sing:))!!then when i reach my home n park my car outside and wanna walk 2 my house, a bike pass by me, 2 guys on da bike, and a passenger quickly step down n ask me where is ss2!!!holly shit my 6 sense work again…..maybe is juz like the spiderman 6 sense.:D…… 6 sense told me this guy is something wrong cxz from the way he step is very different from other ppl, the guy hasnt wait the bike fully stop then step down jo……then after he hide his hand behind, n seems like holding some shit, damn my brain told me he wanna snatched me, i quickly swing a plastic bag tat i holding, damn back few steps, then i dunno y, i shout and point at the indian fellow………..then the guys stunned, n look at me….n i look at him, then he cabut back 2 bike n chiaoz oledi, then all my neighbor come out they thought i fight with some1……..wat da hell………how come these few days so damn happening 1????got heart attack woi, if there’s only a guy, i gonna smash his face on the road…..bugger……but heheheh……when he cabut back to his bike, i remember his bike number plate….dunno whether he did change or not, juz tell the police n c wat can they do lo……….ai……….:'(

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wahlao…ur so suitable to tell story lah..ur describe all like so suspen geh..bbb..extra..careful ya next time..anyway, ur six sense really geng 😉

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