usually, i hardly find a person i really like to share my ups and downs… really difficult, and at the moment, there are only A FEW (people know who they are)… but then, when i found a person like this, i would just treasure very much and would expect a lot, hoping for a forever relationship… yea, it’s true, nothing is forever, but at least LONG LASTING!! i always get myself some PASSER-BYs, they can to be POTENTIAL long lasting friend in the start, and then i would put effort on them… but then, they would just turn me down in the end and become passer-bys in my life…

from now and then i TRY to control my own emotion and feeling when i have a new friend… i try not to hope too much from the friendship, just to avoid being hurt again and again… and i always warn people dont promise me anything, dont!! as i know i would just believe in it and would just get myself into trouble when the promise broken… it would be another hurt to myself again…

when i was trying to warn you not to do so, and you asked me not to worry… nothing gonna be wrong… and you promised a lot and asked me to trust you, and i was stupid enough to agree with it… but then, when reality told me that i was wrong… and YES, i am hurt again and must admit that i am a dumbo too =)


pYy is back

elo every1… name is pyy and i m back!!!!damn these days r damn busy……so many things tat i need 2 do…..omg then every week my hostel got fire drill…..wake me up in the midnight and standing outside and it was raining…..holly shit….and it is below 20 degree celcius…..omg i juz shivering non stop…..holly shit…..amd my nex door ppl is so damn happening quarrel in the middle of nitghz n wake me up again….then few days later they make luv again n moan so damn loud………..wah cant even stand!!!!food over seriously sucks…..everything is so damn big…..and all r genetic modified….sweet, big, no fibre, more than u can imagine……malaysian gals over here is damn popular cxz guys r lesser over here…..wowowowwo….good luck 2 all guys n gals may u guys got ur mr or mrs right………i oledi found in malaysia…..2 bad….gonna mizz her much…..heheheh……kind of homesick


Satisfied =)

yea yea yea… i am soOoOOOooooOOoo HAPPIE!! i just got myself a new job today, and it’s an interesting job i guess with this interesting supervisor… hehe… and i also got my room mate and cheryl working there too… how sweet… =)

and then finally i got back all the remaining balance from that girl… yoohoo… how rich i am today =) then cheryl, yuan, woon, nhan, grace, alice and i went to have dinner… *yumyum* delicious and CHEAP dinner!! cool yea… hehe… then then then went to Brunetti to have Blackforest… *wahlao* i am super satisfied now, feel so nice =) i am so happie then i sms my mom… hehee… and she called me back… hehee… so happie again~~ woohooo… today must be a good day… lalalalalala~~~

and… yes, now is 12am SHARP!!! melbourne’s time… hehe

HAPPY BRITHDAY to my DEAREST FAMILY BUDDY –> Mr. Wong Whei Meng… may all your dreams come true =) *love+miss* ALWAYS!

and then… of coz a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my naughty twins brothers!!! hey man, STUDY SMART for your PMR man!! dont play play yea, and also be a GOOD BOY!!!



yea, was watching Hard Fate just now… and i was so sad when this old lady died… the sad thing was, she wasnt able to do all the things she wanted to… she wanted to meet back her lover, just to have a walk together, and also to view sunset together BEFORE her birthday… but unfortunately, she died ONE DAY before her birthday… so sadzzzzzz man…

at that moment, i started to think what i wanna do before i die… i wanna do a lot of things, and i dont know when i am going to die… i guess we should do whatever we can, never miss out any chance… =) hold your loved ones to do everything that you want… enjoy every single moment, especially happy moments… treasure everything that you have… try to be happy by relaxing and also forgiving… things should turn out to be nicer and nicer, lovelier and lovelier… *sweeeeet*

yorh, how nice if i can die in a very peaceful way and have everything done before that… wooohoooo… *crazy*



after some time of flashing back… i realised that it was just my fault… it was just because of my busybodiness… i shouldnt have talked so much, and commented so much… i guess i have been talking too much though… sometimes, maybe i should just shut my dumb arse mouth for something that has nothing to do with me…

in fact, i was just thinking too much… =)




i have just ended a war with someone… and i really pissed with it together with disappointment… i have something to say peacefully without any interruption…


first of all, i really have to admit that you are someone really cool and i admire a lot… the way you are and the way you treat others are stuffs that i really admire!! i think that you are really a good friend treating people really good… a good listener, you never say no when i need someone to talk to, someone to cheer me up… a good adviser, i always feel really better after talking to you… and all these are the main reasons WHY I LIKE TO TALK TO YOU… and these make you so cool…

but then today i felt really disappointed at you, you didnt even listen to me… and i was just trying to tell you that HOW GOOD YOU ARE and not HOW BAD YOU ARE… i was telling you the truth but you didnt even wanna listen to me and started to say that you know how bad you are… isnt that real bad that you ignored everything while i was trying to compliment you and trying to confirm you yourself in order to build more self confidence for you… further more, you even told me that your PAST had brought you to this kinda life… and what different people have different thinking… and yea, then why did you ignore MY opinions? i was telling how i felt about you and you thought that i was COMFORTING you ehh…??? and you think that i feel bored while talking you eh, if it is so, why i have been talking to you then? charity huh??? or i really have nothing else to do huh???

anyway, if you wanna live in your own sad world, keep it going… and whatever it is, i have done with what i should have done… hopefully you can build up your confidence soon… good luck…



i dont know why that i LOVE piggies, i think that they are cute… they look just like me… FAT BUT CUTE… wahahahha… *winkz*

so i like to draw piggies, i had all kinds of piggies in my text book during high school, they used to have gathering in my class while teacher was bla-ing…

but i dont dare to draw piggie anymore =(
as… my piggies are really ugly, coz… i found myself a really cute piggie, HE is so far nicer compared to mine… at first, i thought HE was a cartoon character or something… but NAH… SOMEONE drew it… well, let’s share this piggie with you guys man… and i’m in love with this piggie… SO CUTE, isnt he???? and thanx to SOMEONE for drawing it… =P

how cute he is man… *drooling*



oh no… AGAIN!! and last night was… no, i should say THIS MORNING, it was 1am midnight… suddenly i heard some strange tone “tu… tu… tu…” but i didnt even bother it… till later i heard the announcement “Please proceed to the nearest exit” wahlao… and then i knew what was happening, i was kinda panic that time, coz it was midnight and worrying that something really happened… so i woke my room mate up and both of us went down to lobby… seeing people in pyjamas with messy hair in the lobby… but then there were only very few people, as i guess there were still people upstairs sleeping without noticing… as the alarm was a bit too soft, really no chance to hear it while sleeping… too bad~~~ and yea, again, the manager told us “NO FIRE” oh fine fine fine…


Which one??

haihzz… i know i am forever a weak decison maker… this is true… and again, i need to make decision… haiihzzz…

at first, i was complaining all the time that i was JOBLESS and i need a job… so i started to throw my resumes and contact here and there, hoping for someone to call me up for an interview or so… but then, now, i am facing this dumb situation, where i am holding 3 jobs now… what the heck man… and i dont know which to choose!! help me!!




Yahoooooo, I just got my remark result today, I no need to retake this subject anymore… YEAH!! You know what, I got credit somemore man!! Sigh~~ I also dunno how they marked the paper. Yet I’m damn happy today. At least i can think about whether going back to M’sia this Nov or not. I told myself if I fail this subject then i gotta stay and take a summer course. If not mistaken, ericca’s remark result was D right? haih~~ ericca, why dont u send all papers to remark. then all will get D .. hahaa.. Anyway, I cant fail any this semester!! You also ya, ericca. Gambateh~~