yooorrh… this is actually a good news to me, i have been waiting for a reply from my lecturer… there is his reply to me, FINALLY man!! he told me that, he only had result for my final examination and he had no record of my assignments… wahlaoo… it’s exactly the same as what i had expected… the stoopid tutor!!! luckily i still have 2 copies of the assignment lodgement sheet, to show that i really did hand in my assignments man!! i am a good student man!! =P

well, he did help me to email my tutor to chase my result out ASAP… and… i am hoping for AT LEAST a CREDIT for this subject… bless me ok… =)

wei wei wei… anyone out there can help me to find 2 books? i dont want BRAND NEW FROM MELBOURNE… brand new from KL or second hand from anywhere is ok… PLEASE… THANKS…

• J. Ring; C. Cheetham (2004) Introductory Computer Accounting a Live Data Approach MYOB John Wiley & Sons Inc., New York, 14th Edn. This will be referred to as R&C.
• Tasks from Moscove, S.A., Simkin, M.G., & Bagranoff, N.A., (2003) Core Concepts of Accounting Information Systems, John Wiley & Sons Inc., New York, 8th Edn. Will be referred to as: M&S&B

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