finally… finally i have got my result!!! yea… it’s a D!!! i have got myself a 73D… can you imagine that it was so damn ridiculous!! luckily i was smart enough to apply for a review, or else, i would just stay with a 38N2 result stoopidly… look at the difference man!! 35 marks… SIAOZ!!!

and yea… i have a new hair style!! allala, not much different, but then i am happy with it… coz… i did the cutting ME MYSELF!! ahah, i think i should consider to take another hairdressing course!! wow!! hehe, not too bad huh… on the other hand, i am also thinking to take up this course to learn how to make cocktail and stuff… wanna be a bar tender too… hehe… oh yea oh yea, another one… wanna learn how to bake cakes, pastries… blablabla, so can be a pastrychef!!! hahahaha… hey, guys, let’s make a vote!! which is better huh?

hey, that day i went to this… erm… one of the theatre clubs in melbourne uni, and i joined the make up crew man!! yea… it was so damn fun fun fun!! eheh… and i heard that there will be an audition for some characters, hahaa… i am thinking to go for it ler… should i eh? but then if so, i will be very busy, i need to do make up also… wah… so many things to do ar? ahha… by the way, PEOPLE IN MELBOURNE!!! LISTEN!!! i am expecting you guys to go for the theatre ok? hehe… be supportive yea… thanx *muacks*

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