1st day in LA!!

the stupid pyy wanna get mad after 20 hrs flight, then my seat god damn the tv system is down!!!88| i got nothing 2 in my flight, juz sleep and eat and talking 2 my frens!!!but i got 50 bucks voucher for shopping, wahhahah, bought 1 latest chanel perfume wowoow….then 1 stupid watch…..and now pyy is in LA airport waiting for transit……now is 2am and damn i got jetlag….sodamn pity….everything is closed in da airport only left the McD…..the damn food is so expensive and big!!!RM6 for a cup of coke aiks…..i need 2 wait 5 hrs 2 transit damn i gonna die man…..:roll: no entertainment woi….sad ass…..

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what the hell!! where got people still CONVERT one lar!! if you continue doing so, you wont need to eat then… hahaha… can GAM FEI!! =P
if i were to convert, my meals always cost RM20+ for a chicken rice? curry laksa? even ROTI CANAI!!

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