1st day in my university

this school is huge but basically everything in usa r huge ok but damn i found my room is 2 damn small, so i wanna change to bigger room oh yeah, can bring a gal inside n ‘be a man’!!!!wat a lame idea, ok but my baggage is lost, i dunno where its go…..maybe there is a delay in the transit so maybe i m goin to get it by tomolo or 2night, but i got no clothes 2 change…damn i really miss out this when i m packing my stuff aiks…..cxz i pack the day b4…..i saw some of my frens here, cars over here is cheap so planning 2 get 1…..ahhaha…but must get approval from my dad….2night i m goin 2 b mad, y???bcz i move in2 a hostel without furniture so i got no bed 2 sleep…………..nth , in my room is juz nothing omg… i m so sad…………n its horrible cxz there should b 3 ppl in my suite and now i m the only who moved in so basically 2night will b a nightmare…..yeah….gonna b brave this time….the living room is so damn big but the room is small wat a silly layout……..a bit tire wanna rest a while….

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