damn it, i really dont know what’s wrong man… maybe it’s coz of the damn ice chocolate from lin contro last night!!! i was suffering from diarrhoea this morning, so i thought of staying at home although i had already promised cheryl and yuan to go for this cow milking trip… i felt really cold and kept shivering eventhough under the blanket, and really no mood to go on such a long trip…

but then, haiihz… someone kept pulling me to go… and they even thought that i was PRETENDING… what the hell man… fine then… i was feeling so uncomfortable the whole day, coz of gastric!! *arghh* i couldnt even move my body, coz moving hurts me, it’s really pain man!! kept feeling like wanna puke, but… too bad… i think if i could, it would probably be better… then we bought this medicine in a pharmacy, it’s so nice man!! ehhe, blackcurrant flavoured… hehe… i like it… =)

alright, let’s talk about the trip, well, nothing’s much… the whole trip was all about ANIMALS ANIMALS and ANIMALS… haha, there were cows, sheeps, wombats, kangaroos, turkeys, dogs… basically i am not interested in animals man… anyway, it’s a good experience though, the funniest thing was looking at those cows shit and pee… wahahaha… damn funnie… and then, there was this dog in the farm looking the same like cows, having black and white skin… so i asked whether it’s a dog or a cow… and everyone laughed at me… so badz… including those tourists!! damn it!!!

erm… sorrie guys, not really feeling well today, and might had messed up things… although i didnt really enjoy being surrounded by animals… BUT, i am happy being surrounded by you people man!! ahha… fun fun fun… hoping for the next trip yorh… =)

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