Satisfied =)

yea yea yea… i am soOoOOOooooOOoo HAPPIE!! i just got myself a new job today, and it’s an interesting job i guess with this interesting supervisor… hehe… and i also got my room mate and cheryl working there too… how sweet… =)

and then finally i got back all the remaining balance from that girl… yoohoo… how rich i am today =) then cheryl, yuan, woon, nhan, grace, alice and i went to have dinner… *yumyum* delicious and CHEAP dinner!! cool yea… hehe… then then then went to Brunetti to have Blackforest… *wahlao* i am super satisfied now, feel so nice =) i am so happie then i sms my mom… hehee… and she called me back… hehee… so happie again~~ woohooo… today must be a good day… lalalalalala~~~

and… yes, now is 12am SHARP!!! melbourne’s time… hehe

HAPPY BRITHDAY to my DEAREST FAMILY BUDDY –> Mr. Wong Whei Meng… may all your dreams come true =) *love+miss* ALWAYS!

and then… of coz a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my naughty twins brothers!!! hey man, STUDY SMART for your PMR man!! dont play play yea, and also be a GOOD BOY!!!

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