Baby Chocolate…

yea… i am in love with chocolate AGAIN!! Cadbury’s Dairy Milk!! *yumyum* usually i could stop myself from buying chocolates, by telling myself that it’s fattening, it’s expensive, it’s bad for health consuming too much of it… BUT THEN, when i am depressed, stressed, unhappy… i cant let go any chance of having chocolates… just like today!!

it happened in uni this afternoon, i was walking pass this vending machine with all kinds of snacks in it… and i saw my favourite DAIRY MILK!! then i told myself NO NO NO… fine, then i walked pass it… in less than a minute, i turned back to take out a $2 coin inserting to the machine, and keyed in E6, then… *pop* my dairy milk bar dropped!! so happy…!! chocolates always cure my sadness… i feel happy when i can have a bar of chocolate… =) and i had my dairy milk bar in hand during the tutorial and… finished it in less than 20minutes… *loving it*

i dont know why this happening to me, i dont know why is a bar of chocolate can do so much to me… i just love the creaminess and the sweetness of it… i feel so *warm* having it melting in my mouth… =)

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