Can Love Be Rational?

after watching Hard Fate… although it seems like a good ending, everyone with happy life in the end… i dont think it is, i think it’s a very bad ending…

i have been hoping for someone really really love me and stuffs, i guess everyone has the same thinking as well. but then sometimes love can be very scary when you are TOO DEEPLY in love, it may harm… people tend to sacrifice ANYTHING or even EVERYTHING for love, it sounds so ROMANTIC and so TOUCHING… but then on the other hand, worth doing so? or shall we say that these people are being LOYAL or DUMB? *wondering* i really have no idea about it…

and what is a HAPPY LOVE LIFE? basically, no matter how’s the ending, as long as both have had happy moments together and really been in love together before… so this is a HAPPY LOVE LIFE and no regrets, I THINK… and it is called a PERFECT LOVE LIFE together with a good ending… *maybe*


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those ppl who r really expert in love should know 2 way of managing a love relationship n drive the gal crazy!!!!how they did it???juz like playing a kite, sometimes u must treat her nic, but sometimes not….then only u can drive her crazy….dun always sacrifice everything 2 ur gf, only bring pressure 2 ur gf, juz like wat i did 2 my 1st love, isnt a smart move ahahahah…..tats my experience!!!lol

true love… been there… and it hurts… in fact… it does hurt a lot… love being rational? it never be… and i guess i will categorise myself as the dumb one…. sigh….

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