3 Months…

*WOW* i am currently feeling a bit excited… ngekngekngek, 3 months!!! i will be HOME in 3 months’ time!! yea yea yea… and i know everyone is going to be SUPER happy as i will be home!!lalalalalallaa~~ *do not say NO to this ok*

it’s september now, it should be SPRING!! BUT how come it’s still not more than 15 degrees everyday huh…??? what the…!!! but i dont like summer, i dont wanna be a roasted piggie here, i hope i can escape back to KL before get roasted!!! *please…*

it’s happy to think of going home… BUT, how can i not think of my pretty ASSIGNMENTS, handsome TESTS+EXAMS…!!! and also, i have to settle the rental stuffs before leaving!!! *gosh* damn irritating, still dont know where to move to… *arrrghhh* and then, i have to buy MANY THINGS too!! haiiihhzzz… anyway, everything has its good and bad side, so… *haiihhzzzz*

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