damn it!! i was sick like a sickie pig!! i was suffering from sorethroat, fever, flu, headache… argghh… and the worst part was i wasnt allowed to rest at home while sick!!! i ate 2 tablets of panadol and then went for CTG’s make up thingie, then went to work then went to a friend’s birthday party… *wow* it sounds like a supergirl!! wahahahah… i ate 6 tablets of panadol the whole night, but still sick!! on the following sunday, i was supposed to work full day, but i really couldnt make it as i couldnt even walk to washroom man!! i felt so dizzy… i was alone at home somemore, i felt so sick so sad… i cried… and i called home… later on, my lovely jiejie came to rescue with medicine and food!! yea yea yea!! thanks jiejie!! and also the muimui at home who didnt come over coz of assignment and test wor!! then i felt better edi after taking the medicine! real good~~

but then today is monday and i am at home not going for classes… coz i still have headache… *arrrghhhh*

yea, not to forget that anoter credit goes to my TA-TA =) thanks for offering to tapao me porridge wor… so nice of you!!
next… thanks to KinMeng for talking to me while i was really stressed out…

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hope ure feeling better and good that ure feeling better. yeah lar, u know jie always would help any of us whenever we need her right? haha.. so better love her more, but u gotta love me too, coz i gave u the green oil which i think can help in headaches.. i wanted to go lar but if i go, i couldnt finish my work 🙁 finally its all done… but not done for the semester.. still got assignments to go, really busy ar.. haha ta-ta.. u shud have told her ure sick le.. she will mewakili me to see u hahahahha! anyway i told her, she didnt know also.. haha she close to u.. any SERIOUS thing or urgent thing, call her k.. i know shes willin to help u ;p moreover, ure yuan’s cousin hahaha !! take more rest n drink water la

yea yea yea… yuan and woon also dearest cousin~~ *muacksss*
AND!!! TA-TA is mine of coz she will help me!! not because of you!! lalalalalala~~

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