Stoopid Chom Chom

i hate chom chom!! stoopid chom chom!! i dont care, i will get myself a Chom Chom one day in the future with better food, better beverages, better services, better environment for working!! *booo*

wahlao, this restaurant is… disappointing customers and also workers!! *sadzzz* the food, the best we can have is on the level ‘SO-SO’… customers even said that the food is ‘tasteless’… wahlao!!! how sad… what a business!! and when we were being nice, trying to tell them that how bad it was and hoping that they would change to better, but they told me that was either coz of ‘the customers dont know how to eat lar…’ or ‘the ingredients here are different lar…’ or maybe when i showed them the food left over in customers’ plates, (which often happens) they would just tell me ‘too much for the customers only lar…’

oh yea right… so many people cant finish wor… and I DONT THINK SO!!!! even i could finish lar… i dont think i am such a HUGE EATER!! and even GUYS cant beat me?? *nah*

and they damn bad!!! they do things without giving reason, even they FIRE people without reason!!!! *bullshit* at first, i thought people there so nice, everyone can talk can joke, so happy working there, even i felt really tired and the pay was like SO LITTLE!! BUT… in the end, they are not nice people, they smile at you but then at the back, NOBODY KNOWS… *yucccckkkss*

i am going to resign!! *yeah*


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i absolutely agree with you… but i got no money so i have to work in a restaurant still

this is damn normal in most melbounre chinese restaurant la… mind to tell us how long have you been working for them?

take care in the meanwhile and do visit my blogs often k?

and i guess i am going to talk about my work in my blog tomorrow

by the way, i like your blog… happening and interesting… mine is… sian… super very sian blog… so read my blog when you cannot sleep okie?

btw… i support you… find a better job la… good luck to you also

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