Fun Night in Clayton

ehhehe… hey people!! i am back!! i had a happy great fun night in clayton last night yooorrh!! initially, i thought of only having dinner at my cousin’s place, yeap, we cooked man!! hahahaa… and then we also bought some beers and a bottle of kahlua for a chatting and drinking session…

we had butter prawns, potato chicken, soup, vegetables… and also sago!! and guess what, i made BANANA FRITTERS too!! wooohoooo… it was so yummie with the new recipe i got it from the internet last night!! whahahahahaaha… the night was fun with Andrea, Cheryl, WeiSheng, Wilmin and ME of course!! and we found that our beers were not enough for the following game that we were about to play… so we went out to get more!! and FINALLY we had a chance to have a ride on WeiSheng’s RED Nissan 200SX and his not-so-scary driving skill~~!!! ahahaha… he was speeding but too bad it wasnt scary though… lalalallaala~

yeah… then we started our game!! i was too LUCKY man!! as i didnt get a chance to drink more… whahahaha… but the drink was really YUCKIE-YUCKZ… i could feel that eventhough i didnt drink it man!! it was a mixture of BEER+RED WINE+DESSERT WINE+KAHLUA… and i knew that it was really disgusting… hahaha… cheryl nearly puked at andrea while she drank it… *oh my godzzz* and the party started to slow down when people got high and tipsy… hahaha, we had fun while andrea was HIGH man!!! too bad that i cant post up the videos that we took last night… *winkz* that andrea was showing us how to SNORKEL on the floor!! ahahah… that was so FUNNIE~~!!! =P

let’s share these happy moments here =) Thanks for the NIGHT!!

in the room
cheryl and i just reached *warming up*

sex instructor
“hey, what you looking at?”
“looking at WILMIN the sex instructor! giving first lesson for FREE!”

the 5 of us…

losers with beers… ahhaah

NOPE, it’s Kahlua, Beer, RedWine and Dessert Wine… *yumyum*

sober me + 2 tipsy lesbos…

happy cousins with GREY mashimaro…

empty bottles
the next morning… buhbyez to 1 redwine bottle, 1 dessert wine bottle, 1 kahlua bottle, 6 carlton cold bottles and 9 crown lager bottles… *recycling the bottles*

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hehe…great fun u had there…can personally send me the snorkling video?i would wanna learn to do tat lol…hey are any of ur frens in tat pic readin this site?if no i got a comment tat might make u happy.. =) dont drink too much ar..take care.

hello dearie cousin.. haha thanks for the lovely night.. turned out to be pretty fun, eh? but mixture was a bit sucky but still i managed to drink so many cups.. sob sob.. and somemore u all very bad, didnt help me.. know im the loser, still wanna pour until so full sobbb.
oh i was just showing u my trendy skills of snorkeling on the floor instead of snorkelling in redang island haha! btw, i love snorkelling actually.. but when i snorkel on the floor, i see nothin woe haha! yea goin on 200 nissan was good.. hunger for beer like that haha! goin everywhere to see wheres still open for beer.. yeappiess! back to work again tomorrow.. sobbbbb…!! thanks people for the night. muacks

got lar… you saw the FLOOR mar while snorkeling last night!! heeheee…
and yeap, drove MILES just to get BEERS at 12am midnight… my godddzzz…
madnesss!! ahhaha

hahah… and oh yea… to tell you… i ALREADY CUT DOWN my drinking and clubbing sessions… hahaha… and PEOPLE are complaining… haha…
i guess i will have to have a good night soon!! this weekend maybe? =P

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