haiihzzz… i didnt know that a topic about APPEARANCE could be so happening… what’s wrong man?

i mean, everyone has own look, whether it’s good or bad, it’s still the unique ourselves that we have… and does it matter to other people when someone is not good looking?? of course not scary looking lar!! *that will absolutely scare people away*

everyone hopes to look good, i always try my best to fit into nice clothes, nice hairdos, nice make ups, go on diet… just hoping to look better… why am i doing so? coz i dont think that i look good initially, so that i need to put more efforts in order to look BETTER, or maybe not GOOD yet… but at least better than doing nothing…

and yeap, i admit that i dont have smooth and silky long hair, i dont have smooth and fair skin, i dont have big eyes, i dont have sexy lips, i dont have rosy cheeks, i dont have fit body… and i am the one with spoiled grassy hair, i have rough and dark skin, i have sleepy eyes with dark eye-ring and eye bags, i have ugly mouth, i have pale cheeks, i have fat body… so so so? that’s me!!! yeah~~!!!

why? is it that ugly girl cannot live in this world? or fat ass cannot have bf or guys going after? not pretty girl cannot have love and admire?

ahahahah… blek =P
but i am the ugly who lives in this world, the fat ass that had a few ex-bfs and admirers, the not pretty girl that has many family and relatives, BUDDIES and friends loving me and admiring me… lalalalalala~~

haha… too crappy yea? i think so… but, what to do, just wanted to summarise some thinkings and also… hehe, lazy to do assignment, so lepak a while lor… *winkz*

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yes, everybody want to look as good as they want. as i said, human beings are very stingy, they will NEVER get enough of everything. if u r fit, u wan to b slim. if u have $100 bucks, u wan to earn $1000. if u have a boyfriend, u still want to get loved by more people. haha its always stingy eh? but i totally agree with u. people tend to fall in love mainly because of the inner beauty of one another which i think its the right way. its not worth it to go for someone who is super pretty and slim but has totally farked up attitude? right? a perfect person is someone who has inner beauty and good attitude.. willing to give in and lots more, but remember, nobody is perfect in this world. everybody has their own bad and good points.. all we have to do is to accept them. loving somebody is not changing the person but to accept the person for who he/she is.

Don’t you mean greedy? No matter what they said(people), that inner beauty is important blah blah.. i think they(people) will go for looks first! Unless one is really hurt a lot of times, they often will not cherish the beauty of one’s innerself.

hmmm. yeah looks does matter too.. but it depends man. sometimes u can just fall in love with someone who is not as handsome as u thought, not as pretty as u wish, not as slim as ur dream girl, not as muscular as ur dream guy, but still u still love him/her. why? theres no particular reason as to why u love someone. when u really love, u wouldnt care her/his physical look anymore. thats call true love. but too bad, not easy to find these kindda love anymore haha! true?
ok i can say looks play 30%, inner beauty plus all the attitude n stuff play 70%

hahahahaha… well, for me… i guess, FEEL plays 80% to me!! hehee… i like means i like, i dont like means i dont like… no matter how handsome or how smart…
i like someone for no reason… i might fall for someone ugly, bad, dumb…!!

i think i understand what you said. Like you always said i want this and this and this but in the end you fell for someone that is quite different. hahaha but i think some people really blindly go oh i only want to go with mr handsome or ms pretty…

hahahahaha!! yea!!! you got me!!
ALWAYS HAPPEN!! what the hell~~~ and i dont even understand WHY… it’s so stooopid… haha
and i always fall for someone impossible or someone who doesnt like me… *duh*

hell it’s so complicated, how i wished it’s just simple abc. I am so afraid of this icchi-muchi thing.. sigh.. Single forever! hahaha

must some1 be good on the outlooks to have a relationship?i dont think so…but one day ler…as its fated some1 would walk ur way n tell you how much they like you.i dont get it…you keep saying you’re ugly n all…do u know there are ppl who are alot worst then you and still they do not give up…and yet they think they are madona or something doing superb things with thier life tho ppl look at them differently but somehow they have something i dont…courage…the courage to stand up in the crowd and be proud of who you are as god make u this way and ur born this way.

haiihzz… when you are single for such a long time, and people around you have their own times… then you will start to hope to have someone who belongs to you… and be there for you…

ur not the only 1 whos been single for a while u know…try growing up in an enviroment where every1 makes a joke out of you and the only thing the opposite sex is attracted to u is making a joke outa u….

back to the topic, if you felt gutted of what is said about u at lyn. Then you are silly to take it to yourself. My honest opinion about you, well you look okay but i guess there are more prettier people out but i think you are attractive in some ways. Anyway i think you can’t run away from finding yourself unattractive sometimes especially when someone you like felt that way about you. I guess we won’t care much on how ppl think except for those that you really like. I believe what they think can play great role in your confidence. Sometimes if it’s too bad it can even cost you to lose your confidence and gives you long term effect.

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