sexy little boyzzzz n galzzzz handbooks

wao since when the appearance topic is so happening, well maybe every1 do really concern of their appearance and every single minute u r trying to upgrade urself to look more sexy, attractive, mature, confident………..bla bla…..wowowo….sound good right>????well i think every1 hav to search 1 clothing style 2 suit u, some ppl look well in sexy dressing, some r not, some can fit in2 a hip hop dressing…..well so grab 1 dresscode n suit and dun always wearing the same thing everyday…..should b quite boring right???and get 1 haircut for urself…make sure it fits u……if u found tat u got no sense in fashion…..go get a fashion consultant…..well maybe u can get advice from fren……..but seriously go find a fashion consultant…..b4 u do all these things u need some money….well better u gotta have few k cash with u…..cxz the clothes aint cheap!!!is so damn boring tat when the whole city is wearing the same clothing……well the innner part still da most important, the tone u talk, the word u speak must fit ur style, it cant b like u wearing a hip hop clothes and talking like a nerds rights?????well dun try 2 pretend lol….cxz it will failed…

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