ahahhahaha… yea… i am sick ler…!! not that kinda SICK… but… the pics will tell… hahaha…

hmm… but then just now while i was working, i really felt damn dizzy the whole night, coz of my heart…!! erm… i dont know if anyone here knows that my heart has a MINOR problem that it will pump VERY FAST in a sudden then i will feel dizzy… it doesnt make a big problem to me so far as i can just rest when this happens then later it will be ok…

but then just now, i was working, so that i couldnt rest, i had to be STRONG, dizzy for the whole night, coz i didnt take any rest, then had to move FAST somemore, coz really busy… and need to bent down then stand up again… i ALMOST fainted a few times… but i am stronger now =) when i was young… there was once that i really fainted in front of the clinic while my parents actually bringing me to the doctor… then when i got up, i saw myself on the bed in a room and with those electric cables on my body and there was a machine beside me… *scary*

okokok… let’s LAUGH at my SICKNESS… ahahhaha…

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You should sick more often!!! I like the “sick look”!!! hahaha!!! kidding kidding!! your heart got problem? what kind of problem? is it serious? does it need a transplant or something? *no kidding, serious*

NOT SO SERIOUS lar friend!! haha… i already stated there MINOR problem…!!!

well, i am sick of myself… hahaha… POSER =P

ghost face?she complain bout my pics the 1st time she saw it…sheesh..anyways…do regular exercise..n EAT! also do exercise ler…dun wanna get high cholesterol or something right?

take care kays?

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