no call…

muahhaha~~ i was so happy… as someone didnt call me last night… *yoohooo*… i think he is already pissed off with my attitude!!! ahahahahah… so, i hope from today onwards, i wont get call at 2am everyday anymore… buhbyez 18 years old kid =P

yea yea yea, i am going to tulip festival later!! ahah… hopefully will be a GOOD DAY!! =)

good day pople!!

3 replies on “no call…”

Oh gawd!! 2am in the morning, and i thought it was 11 or something.. geez!! if i got a call in 2am in the morning, i would slice that person off into pieces!! Congrats to you for not slicing anyone!! yet… =p

hahahaha… i dont know wor… i usually talk to him very not concentrately one… haha, coz i used to talk on the phone and msn together if you guys notice… hahaa… then i think he also fedup edi lor…

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