Pics Update

wooohoo… finally i have my royal show’s pics with me now!! *yea yea* anyway, THANKS to Teri jiejie, Andrea muimui, Nhan and Herman for this FUN DAY we had… =) *cheers*

black and white pigggieeeesss… SooOOooOOOoooOOoo cute!!!

my white horse prince and me… =)

andrea, purple bear and me…

VERY CHUN police car!!!

3 cousins…

me, nemo and teri jiejie…

herman, teri jiejie and nhan…

5 replies on “Pics Update”

wah thanks for putting my pic there! hahahahah muacks for dat 😛 aiya the police car picture.. not so clear.. sorry ah.. coz of the lights.. flashin.. haha.. luve u heaps!

ah but come on.. see how u and jie’s face so fair!!! mine so dark and red.. unfair hahh!! its so hot that day haha.. when i went home, my eyes were painful due to the sun!! sigh..

Hey… all the pics are nice, except the ‘3 cousins’ one, i look like a retard !!! My face’s like an egg… =( put a nicer picture ma.. why does yuan like that pic too? she uses it on her MSN.. !!

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