wow!! not too bad man the Reclaim i went last night!! it’s a refreshment to me for not clubbing for… 3 months? ahahahahaa… but then it’s really cool as i met up with so damn a lot of people there!! it’s a huge event i can say~~ my primary school friends, taylor’s college friends, laksa king colleagues, some other friends, high school friends… wahlao, it’s just a like ALL-IN-ONE gathering man!! and yea, i met new friends too!! but i dont think those are FRIENDS, ahahhaa… by just introducing ourselves at the dance floor…

the whole night i spent so much money on phone calling!! calling this calling that to ask for location… as there were too many people and there were 3 clubs, Odeon, Heat and Mercury! it was so difficult to find people man!! but then it was fun while people touched your head, called your name while you were enjoying the dance and music, as those were your friends!!!! kinda happening too… i even shuffled with my heels, what the hell, really dumb!! ahahhahah… and i guess, i didnt drink too much last night, 2 tequilas, 1 cowboy, 1 151, 2 chivas coke…

too bad that i didnt take pics of that… saddddzzzz… i went with my newly bought top and heels man!!

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u bullshit la! haha! i came to melb for 2 months only.. how can u not club for 3 months? doesnt make sense at all! haha! not honest eh? haha! anyway good that u had fun.. u can go back to ur clubbing habit then =P cheers mate

ahha… not 3 months eh? then 2 months lor… haha… it seems like DAMN FARKING LONG mar… hahaa… *too long till lost count*

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