i am still struggling on my assignments while people are studying for up coming exams… i really dont know how to do these damn assignments!!! *shiat*

why am i doing accounting… i have no idea man!! i dont hope to be an accountant also~~ *duhz* actually i only wanna get a degree for… erm… for… dont know!! since everyone is getting one and it is important… so… like this lor!!

and i only hope for a very SIMPLE life, not hoping for stress, or even to be rich at all… erm… maybe i will have to work for a few years just to get my CAPITAL~ yea, i wanna own a CAFE!! not a restaurant!! a very simple, relaxing cafe… with coffees, cakes, musics, colors… a place for stressedful people to rest their minds, a place to strengthen friendships, my DREAM CAFE~~ erm… then my business hours gonna be starting from 3pm onwards… i would like to be a kindergarden teacher before 3pm, to educate the kids while playing with them… teaching ABC, 123, DoReMi…

i still see nothing to do with accounting!! shiat… i am not going to teach kids accounting man~~ then what should i do with my accounting degree? i mean… should i do whatever i am dreaming for…? or to get full use of my accounting degree? to be a PRO or to be a happy lady… *arrrghhzzz*


Mou Kah Kaw~

i wonder why people on earth can be so Mou Kah Kaw, Kurang Ajar, Farked Up, Selfish… blablabla… whatever you name it… just pissing people off…

WHY can one be like this…
– delete people’s things without asking…
– never respond to a HIE from friends…
– open people’s emails and smses…
– telling the whole world that people’s things DAMN UGLY…
– using group fund to buy personal stuffs…
– say different things to different people…
– REFUSE to share tips, notes, works with coursemates…
– stacking books on DINING TABLE while housemates gotta stand while eating…
– make up stories…
– PRETEND to be highclass, even if using AUTHENTIC goods also looks like carrying IMMITATED stuffs…
– being sarcastic to those who smarter, richer, nicer…
– LIES TOO MUCH till never believe to people’s words…

wah… i think the list is too long and i am lazy to continue… so, let’s dedicate a song to these people…

“Fuck It” – Eamon

but i dont think the lyric is suitable lar… hahaha, so let’s dedicate only the TITLE… hahahhahaa~~ =P


Laksa King~~

hmm… every saturday is my last working day in a week, so i get paid every saturday… today i got paid again, but i took away quite a lot of food back home… and i also asked one of my colleagues, Kristine along to eat together with cheryl, alice and i… and man, we couldnt finish and i am so damn full~~~!! *shiat* hey, i am supposed to go on diet man!! *arrrghzzz* and CHOCOLATES also, i am having a sore throat now, over consumed of chocolates is heaty… and FATTENING too~~ goossshzzz

ok… let’s talk about work today, it’s very funnie that this customer told me that she wanted a CHICKEN head noodle, my reaction was like “HUH?” hahaha… yea, she actually wanted to say FISH head noodle… it’s funnie lar, ekkekeke~~ i wonder how would a CHICKEN HEAD NOODLE look like~~ ahahaha… then there was this table of people wanted to order desserts after some wine, most of them were actually QUITE OK, but there was a lady asked me for 23 scoops of ice cream… haha, everyone laughed and told me not to worry about her… damn funnie…

i think i have been working in laksa king for… erm… 2 months maybe? and i seldom say NO even when they call me up at 4pm asking me to work at 6pm… and actually told them that i gotta cut down my working hours, i want them to be AS LESS AS POSSIBLE… and i dont mind if not even a shift for me… as i am getting lazy now and must start to work hard for exam edi… but then, my work load for this week still the same, as they didnt have enough of people working… then i told them i stop everything from next week onwards, but then there are still shifts for me… *arrrghhhzz* but then i still help them as they dont have people to work…

then today my boss came to me and said Thankiew to me… kekekeke~ she told me that she appreciates me, and she is lucky to have me… *wooohooo* so lum man~~ eheheheeh…


What I wanna be…

was watching a tvb series this afternoon, and there was a great sentence that a guy said to his gf!!

guy: 我希望自己可以长命&#3#30334;岁, 身体健康…

dont think that he is selfish, he said so coz he wanna be in a good condition just to take care of the girl…
i am kinda impressed of this phrase, usually we only hear people saying dont worry about themselves but only the partner, but then when i heard this sentence today, i realised that it’s actually kinda selfish that if we dont care about ourselves, as this will only make our partners to worry about us… i think these words are too good, as both can be in good condition~~

isnt it so perfect? =)


I’m in LOVE~~

oh no~~ i am so out of control and i am so damn in love… the world seems so wonderful in a sudden~~ *aaaaaaawwww~~*

it’s just too nice, imagine the chocolate is melting… so smooth, so sweet, so thick… OOooOOOoOo… anything better than that? *yumyum* I LOVE MILK CHOCOLATE!! the MOST!! and i love BREAKAWAY too~~ strongly recommended to those who love KitKat, breakaway is much better!!! anyone wanna make order?? ehehheeheh~~

these are what i have in my room now… lalalalalalaa~

have you noticed there is NO DairyMilk? that’s my FAVOURITE man!! i SWEAR i am going to get them back!!! erm… maybe another 5 of them? *yooohooo~~* hey, does anyone know whoever has a chocolate shop, factory, stall… or blablabla… can intro to me ar? hehehe… *Mrs. Chocolate wanna be~~*

and yea, i am actually eating Dove Milk Chocolate, a Nut Break and also a Limited Edition’s Dairy Milk… but then 3 of these already opened, so i think it’s not PRETTY to post here lor… but then hor, Mr. TAIUEI hor, he made me take the pic of the limited xmas dairy milk to show him… it’s a santa, but then too bad, the head and the legs already in my stomach… so… too bad, mr. santa looks a bit ugly here!! and then it’s not my fault though, it’s coz it is not in little CUBES shape, so it’s hard to crack it, so… so… so mar so ugly lor… sorrie lar… =P

poor santa… but… *yummie*



according to my Baby Nutritionist, Mr. Bobo… he told me that in order to lose weight, i must keep away from CARB… so i am now trying my best to avoid carb and take more PROTEIN!! yea… i am now a fan of CHICKEN and EGG!! yoohooo~~

and my brain has come up with variety of CHICKEN and EGG recipes… kinda bored too… haha… chicken – steam, roast, black pepper, nandos, lemon sauce blablabla… egg – scrambled, omelette, fry, steam, boil blablabla… hahaha… my MEALS~~~

hey, anyone can come up with MORE RECIPES?? for only chicken and egg…? ahah… maybe i should take FISH for next… =P



*phiew* so damn full!! was sleeping since 6pm and thought that i could wake up at 8pm to go for dinner… but too bad, i slept till 9pm and then cheryl and i headed to Flemington for laksa king, reached there at 10pm and it was CLOSED!! fine, then we went back to city… almost everything closed!! then to Lygon St, all CLOSED again!! damn~~~ this is melbourne!! NO LIFE AT ALL!! then we were forced to go back to city to go for CHINESE RESTAURANT~~!! while we were deciding whether to Supper Inn or Ling Nam… we ended up using our TRADITIONAL WAY again… ‘1-2-jus’ so then SHE WON again, we headed to supper inn…

deng!! there goes my diet plan!! SUPPER somemore!! what the hell!! then with banana friiter and ice cream lagi~~!!

/me fainted~

my NEW TOY and i~~


New TOY!!

yea yea yea!! finally i am now playing with my new nokia 6230!! ekekekekeek~~ and finally the sim card is working now… as i went to the shop and asked for HELP HELP HELP!! he told me that instead of SLIDING the cover, we have to PULL the cover from the other end… what a LOUSY COVER i must say!!

let’s browse through its features, basically, i am kinda happy with it… the mp3 player, camera, video, KARAOKE… not too bad lar!! but then i still like that samsung e800 looks prettier!! *grinzz* hmm… i think i need sometime to play with it first…!! =P

i am using ‘heaven.mp3’ as my ringing tone now~~!! eheheh and then i have made use of the camera so much!! ahha… i now have another camera to play with beside my webcam~~ *muahahahahahahah~*

first pic of all…


alice and i…

alice acting cute~

laptop and i~~
-ADDED: hey, notice the birthday card above my laptop? from my parents =) “wonderful daughter, fantastic girl, and all-around terrifc human being” *aaawwww* how honest it is…

lougong and i…



all out of a sudden, i miss this song so much… and i like it so much… it’s so sweeeeeet with its rhythm… WAHLAO!! *drooling* so damn LUM man~~~ and i remember this song is kinda meaningful to ONE OF MY COUSINS huh… if i am not mistaken… you know who you are… =P

i didnt have this song with me yesterday, i was so sad and almost got mad in searching for it… i tried mirc, tried kazaa, tried asking people on msn… but WHY people dont have it?? weird, it’s a CHUN song~~ then… there was someone who downloaded it for me BUT THEN went to sleep after that and i couldnt get him… so sadzzz… but still, *thankiew* to Nexus!! then, i kept on finding as i really WANNA LISTEN TO IT ASAP!! finally, ADRIAN got it and thankxxxx so much!!!!!

—@ Heaven-Nu Flavor @—

Heaven, heaven oh heaven can’t you help me?
I looked in her eyes now she’s all I see
Heaven oh heaven can’t you help me

First time I saw you girl,
You turn me upside down
I can’t stop thinking bout you
My head is spinning round
I got to find a way to get with you somehow
Girl I’m so crazy for you
You know I want you now
And everyminute of every single day
I’m dreaming of how it could be
And everynight before I go to sleep
I’m praying that soon you’ll be here with me

Heaven, heaven oh heaven can’t you help
I looked in her eyes now she’s all I see
Heaven oh heaven can’t you help me
I’m down on my knees please help me

Cant fall alseep tonight
I don’t know what to do
I hold my pillow but I wanna be holding you
And when close my eyes I always see your face
I know my happiness is only kiss away
And every hour here in the dark
Everyday of my lonely heart
Tells me that I need to be with you
Heaven oh heaven what can I do

Heaven, heaven oh heaven can’t you help me
I’m giving my love for eternity
Heaven oh heaven can’t you help me
I’m down on my knees help me


Girl I’d give anything if you were here with me
Give anything you want and anything you need
I never thought that I could feel the way I do
But now I wanna spend the rest of my with you
And every day that we are apart
I’m shedding this love here in my heart
And everynight before I go to sleep
I’m praying that soon you’ll be here with me

Heaven, heaven oh heaven cant you help me
I looked in her eyes now shes all I see
Heaven oh heaven cant you help me
I’m down on my knees please, heaven

Heaven….(repeat until fade)



hehee… guess what!!! i went to safeway just now and they were selling REAL CHEAP cadbury’s chocolate bars~~ yoohooo!!! it was only aud2.98 while it was supposed to be like… erm… 4bucks… SO CHEAP!! and i just TAKE TAKE TAKE until damn happy… so at the end, i was holding 10 bars of 250g cadbury chocolate!! 2.5KGS man!!! so heavy man, i almost broke my hand while lining up to pay!!

*eheheheeh~* BUT i am very happy~~!! I LOVE CHOCOLATES~~~!! and then i took the bag of chocolates together with me to library as well, then on the way, people kept looking at me!! *WHY! cannot buy so many chocolates one ar now!!!* in the library, there was a girl, she ‘wahhhh’ at my chocolates, damn funnie… then there was a guy, he said to me ‘this is A LOT of chocolates’… hahahahahahahahaa~~

well, there was a quote from someone from somewhere… i have forgotten where and who… it went something like this… ‘Enjoying chocolate is much enjoyable than SEX’