haiihzz… been so busy for CTG, chinese theatre group, and dont get me wrong, i am not one of the casts… but only one of the make up crews~~ yeah…!!! i act like a PRO!! ahah… but i am not… =P at first, i really kinda angry with this thingie… really damn busy man!! almost everyday i gotta reach there at 3pm then until 11pm… it takes all of my time!! and i cant even work for 2 weeks, meaning that i am jobless and incomeless for 2 blardee weeks man!! how saddddzzzz…

but then, when i look at everybody, all crews, casts… everyone is doing their bests although everyone is really tired… so i think i guess i shouldnt have sounded so much huh!!! well, it’s kinda fun too… i have a chance to interact with more people and also it’s a new experience to me =)

well, tonight was the first real show, we were really proud of ourselves, as we did a great job!! a very successful show~~ people crying at the end as it was really touching… the responses were real good… we are hoping to do better tomorrow!! *gambatte*

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