first of all, people please call me dumb ass ok… i appreciate it very much coz i am the 100% pure one~~ *thankiew*

today is really not my day~~ i was rushing like hell for the assignment last night, i almost cried when i found nothing from the internet… i was really stressed and last night was the very first time that my tears REALLY fell down coz of ASSIGNMENT!! what a memorable day, first time in my life!! and then i asked help from people… and here, a big big HUGGIEZZZ to Mr. NeBo PRA+PTAS, Ms. LeeLi Piggie, and Mr. Bugz, thanks for helping me to search for information… and of coz, i must mention that the Mr. Nebo PRA+PTAS (Personal Research Assistant + Part Time Accounting Student), did the great job!! *arigato~* then after gathering all the points, i started to VOMIT 1500 words, but then i was damn sleepie at 3am… so i went to sleep… hehehe…

this morning, i woke up at 8am HOPED to finish the 1500 words, but then… i ended and printed out at only 1100 words, arrgh… who cares!! and then… there was a test today too!!! and i didnt study for the test coz of the assignment!! yea yea yea~~ how smart!! when i reached the class to attend for the test, and i heard the tutor saying the assignment is supposed to hand in NEXT WEEK!!! i was like… *OH FARK!!* fine~~ and the worst part was… i screwed up my test!! how smart am i man~~~

*** sorrie to ronnie, sorrie for scolding you like a mad cow, and i even yelled out THAT WORD that i long time didnt say… haha… meaning that i was really mad, sad and stressed and you called to POUR COLD WATER!! *dai sei*
*** 18 years old kiddo, i had 7 missed calls and 2 smses from you… haha… i was looking at the phone vibrating but not answering it, coz… i was really MAD!! sorrie~~ but then, i really hope that you not going to call me ANYMORE~

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You are an idiot, no!!! not a dumb ass!!! AN IDIOT!!! KMD, you cried and scream for nothing??!!!! last night wanted ask what’s the due date already but then i couldn’t have guessed that someone can screw the due date as much as well (there’s no need to say it out)…. but look at bright side, you have more time to vomit more words(useful ones, not crap) so that you can make up for the test…

p/s. i actually pity you but then haih…. nvm… i still pity you… =p

ahha… sorrie lor… =P
heehehe… i didnt know that i could be that dumb and blur also… hahaha… but then… i think this is not the FIRST time edi~~

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