CTG~~~ Chinese Theatre Group~~~

oh man~ finally CTG last show was PERFECTLY ended tonight!! yeap!! it was really happening and we went for a supper together to celebrate it!! 9 tables of us, imagine that… the whole production including, casts, props, lighting, make up, sound, costume… blabla… it was such a GRAND supper we had~~ but the food was OK… and the COKE was FANTASTIC!! ahahah… why? coz it was AUD8 for 1 bottle of 2 littres coke… *my godzz*

well, this end was what i had been waiting for… hoping to get released from this busy CTG, hoping to get myself more free time… but, tonight, i saw people crying… my casts hugged me… they cried… i ALMOST, luckily i could control myself… i asked myself not to look at those crying babies all around…

and now i am back at home, sitting in front of my laptop typing out this blog… at this moment, i really feel like crying… suddenly, all come into my mind, i miss those moments when i shouted for alice to put on make up, asked her not to move around and talk too much, we made fun of each other… and i miss jing when she insisted to put on make up herself but ended up in a mess and i had to redo for her, she’s cute… both my casts, alice and jing… and now i recall those words they told me tonight and the hugs they gave me just now… gooossssshh… *my tears falling…* FARK!!!!! and i still wondering, will i join CTG again next year… *question marks*

hmm… to be frank, tonight was the most happening night for me in CTG, at least, i talked a lot tonight… and i got to know more people tonight… but the sad was… they commented on me that i LOOK WILD… my godddzzz… DO I~?!?~! oh man, i was so sad for that, i dont wanna look wild ler… but they told me it’s good!! *question marks again* and they told me guys like wild looking girls *question marks again and again* awwww… whatever, i dont bother edi!! =P

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Wild is good. Majority of men would love to have a wild gf. But unfortunately a significant portion of those, the conservative at heart, would prefer tamer ones for wife.

Which part CTG are you in anyway… blur here.. surely you are not the cast…. damn stupid cold…. “acheowieeeez”

hahahaha… i am the make up crew ler… =)

yea!! that’s right!! i dont hope to be someone’s wild gf, just to go wild, party, show off… blablabla~ i wanna be a normal girl…

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