12 October 2004

hehehee~~ hey, today is a very memorable day!! yea yea yea!! =P

first of all, finally i went to Tulip Festival with my room mate!! ahahah… we woke up at 9am, but i was damn sleepie as i slept at 4am, couldnt really sleep well… then we took 1+ hours train to Belgrave ZONE 3 man!! and i was sleeping all the way… hehehehe… then we had to wait for half an hour for the bus so we went to walk around and i bought a Scratchies!! the “Bonus Crossword”, it’s the first time i buying such thing in melb!! so i went on scratching… and *yoohooo~* i had 3 words being scratched, and i have won 5 bucks!! basically, i only won 2 bucks as the ticket itself cost 3bucks!! but who cares, i still WON!! better than nothing!!

then we took half an hour bus to reach Silvan, the Tulip Festival place!! *finally* oh well, we really saw SO MANY TULIPS!! with LV-MULTICOLOR!! it’s not that nice as it’s almost ending edi, how sadzzz… oh yea, not to forget, today’s weather was really SUPER WARM!! 30 degrees i guess, and i could feel the sun burning my skin while i was under the sun taking pictures with those Benetton-ed tulips… *aawwww~* and i didnt apply sunblock lotion!! shiat~! hey, i saw DUTCH pancakes!! they are YUMMIE ok~~ with icing sugar, maple syrup and butter~~ *wooohooo~*

but, it was really too super sunny, we paid 12bucks and only stayed there for 1 hour and then we headed to Nunawading by train~ and AGAIN, i was damn sleepie, i slept again!! =P yea… we then reached the factory outlet!! there were, CK, RL, Esprit, Benetton, Roxy and stuffs… then alice and i went crazily window shopping!! eheheh~~ in the end, we got ourselves a pair of shoes at half price!!~~ eheheh… and alice got herself a pair of jeans at 7.95bucks!! its original price was 69bucks… i was laughing like mad~~ it’s INCREDIBLY CHEAP!!!

pictures time~~

alice with Benetton-ed tulips…

eeeee… why all yellow suddenly got one WHITE one?

alice is DEVIL side, i am ANGEL side~ =P


me and dutch lady~

aud5.50 de dutch pan cakes… *yummie*

we took in the bus, not bad right? i was the one who captured it!!

me and my lottery~~ yoohooo~~

my new shoes!!

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those shoes 5 bucks kar? lol? Wah your lottery ticket really leng!! hahahaha…. (saying it while hitting my chest)

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