oh ma~~ i had been rushing for the 12pm class just now!! and i was late for 22minutes, but now i am in the class doing nothing… coz… the tutor is LATER than me!! oh no~~ wondering where is she man~~

alright, since that i really nothing to do, let me share this CONVERSATION here with everyone… i over heard this when i was on the train just now, it’s a conversation between 2 ladies, they are probably in their… 60s i guess… and they were speaking in Hakka, heheh, so i could understand it… ngekngek

Popo1: next station is Footscray, do you wanna get down later?
Popo2: for what?
Popo1: to get food lor, if you dont want, we can continue heading to Werribee, the last station… then only turn back to Footscray after that…
Popo2: that’s good, i have nothing to do…

and then, they really didnt leave the train at footscray station while i did… as i need to go to class!! and when i heard the word “WERRIBEE”, i really *shocked* what the hell~~ they gonna take another hour on the train to Werribee, the place where i can see more GRASS than anything else… and another one hour to come back~~ *my godz* and i was wondering, since that they were so free, cant they just spend the 2 hours WISELY?? as in… attend my tutorial for me~?!~?!?~ *winkz* arrrghh… it’s 12.32pm now… i am still very free after blogging~~ *where is my tutor* i would be sleeping at home this time, IF NOT that i need to hand in my assignments today!! shiat shiat shiat~

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Ni hiao kong hakka fa ah ? Chi Ka ngin? hahaha… ngai mmm heh hakka ngin wor…. ngai mm tee tou ni kong mak kai o… =P… Those popo ler mar.. so good that they still can lepak here and there…. that’s call enjoying life…. i mean enjoying popoish life lor .. LOL

LOL… then they should attend my tutorials too.. i am sure those popo would be “fascinated” by physics.. hehehe… then they would know how to count the distance between those two places.. and vectors too

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