Make Up Crews Pics

let’s share some happy moments that CTG Make Up Crews spent in the Union House Theatre’s make up room~~ and… i still wondering will i be able to make it on time to tonight’s Post Production Party at LOFT or not… 10.30pm… but i will have to work till 10pm… oh man~~ hopefully tonight’s not gonna be busy, so that i can leave earlier and get prepared to PARTY!! *people, PLEASE dont come to Laksa King tonight… thankiew* shiat… i guess my boss wont be able to read this… *grinz*

oh man~~ and i have just received a sms from my leader, saying that tonight’s dress code is… BLACK!! oh hell~ i have black top and skirt… but i dont have black heels!! damn it~~

ok… let’s intro… from left to right…
Janet(make up designer), Me, Bev(make up designer), Ernest, Aiwei, Grace(make up assistant leader), Wilkins, Suyin(make up leader), Gigi, Jenny, Echo, YewTeng, SuEe

this is our CREW!! full version~ from left to right again…
Echo, SuEe, YewTeng, Grace, Clarice, SuYin, Gigi, Aiwei, Wilkins, Priscilla, Jenny, Me

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enlarge the pic so small cannot c got leng lui or not lo….wowooww…..yeh i got holiday jo fall break…can go shoppin lol….drive 6 hr 2 go shoppin wahahhaha

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