What A Day~

first of all, OFF TOPIC a while… i still remember “whataday” this nickname… hehe, it belongs to my Dearly Buddy WheiMeng~~

oh yea, i had a very… erm… kind of busy day today!! at first, we went to have dim sum at dragon boat, it was really nice dim sum… but then, i think it’s kinda expensive lor… for me this little poor girl~~ my godz, 4 of us, and the bill was like 90+ man!! i cant imagine that we had a dim sum for lunch worth of RM250… oh godzz, please dont tell my mommie ok~~

then after that i went to police station~~ hehehe… to report lost handphone… then i went to work edi~~ during working, there was this customer so cute, she hugged me and kissed me when she leaving~~ haha, too cute edi~~ =P then one of my primary school mates went to TaPao food also, and he was surprised to see me there!! the funniest part was, my boss kept thinking that he’s my bf and she even went to ask him… my godzzz!! and then 2 of them went too crappie till he said that he likes me but i dont like him… my godzz… *lame*

i thought of going home to take a rest after one whole day out… but then who knows, i didnt get to go home after that… thankx to Cheryl, Alice and PuiShan… cheryl picked me up and headed to Alphington, somewhere damn far just to eat PANCAKES~~ *arrrghhzzz* oh well, kinda fun too, crapping too much with these crappie people… and i am damn full now~~ iiisssh… gotta rest soon~~

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