Clayton Night…

*phiew* i just got back from clayton~~ my godz, and i am so damn farking FULL~~ thankx to my dearest cousins –> Teri + Andrea!! thanks for the delicious dinner!! and also my darling –> Cheryl… we had a great night yea!! =)

cheryl and i went to clayton for dinner and we had… erm… TouFu with minced meat, lala, ikan bilis+chicken bones+pork+peanuts SOUP, vege, sweet and sour pork~~ yoohoo… damn delicious man~~ *yumyum* now i know that TERI can cook!! ahahhaha… i was damn full although i didnt really eat much as i had a late lunch today…

after the dinner, i decided to MOVE a bit, as I AM GETTING FATTER AND FATTER!! so i asked cheryl to teach me how to shuffle!! ahha… it’s hard lar weik!! but then i am sure that if i can practice it everyday for 2 weeks, i can lose weight and become a PRO SHUFFLER~~ ahahahha… oh well, maybe… this friday’s HARD KANDY gonna ONZ?! ahahah…

after the shuffling session, 4 of us went for table tennis!! yea, all 4 beginners~ and i wonder why the 2 of the table tennis table owners are still beginners~~ *lousy* we were teamed up, cheryl and i, teri and andrea, and we were representing INDIA and MALAYSIA respectively… haha, and guess what!! INDIA WON~~ *applause* then we went on to SINGLES… ahah… the first prize went to Cheryl from Mongolia, then Ericca from Korea, then Teri from Malaysia and Andrea from China… hahahahahahahaha~~

and people, trust me, it was damn funnie!!! when you see 4 beginners having a competition is damn amusing… and our average hits for a SERVE… i guess… only 3? ahha… normally it a serve ended like 2 hits… then sometimes maybe we were lucky to reach 5? haha… oh well, in conclusion, i laughed until i really felt like puking and i laughed too loud i guess, and now i am suffering from a sore throat!! *shiat*… and i learnt a lesson just now, never LAUGH after BIG MEAL~~ really BAD BAD BAD!!

alright, finally a relaxing sunday has over… and i have to get prepared for a busy week, gotta kick my ass to finish all the assignments ASAP then only i will have time to do my revision!! *gambatte* to everyone!! yeah~~

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Oh darn.. table tennis long time didn’t play those… ok i should get back to my club and start practising again.. But the coach would sure kill me coz’ i had been skipping for so many sessions… okay… i get a bit cranky when it comes to table tennis.. after all i used to play it like.. erm everyday?

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