Night Out~

finally i am home~~ woohooo~~ went to Dragon Boat Palace for steamboat buffet with cheryl, erm… it’s not a good buffet though… not really good, dont ever go again~~~!!

then we picked up alice and we took 1.5 hours driving time to Mt Dandenong, it was kinda difficult to get there, as all 3 of us didnt know the way, so i had to refer to Melway and cheryl’s friend… the road was very dark without lights, very narrow and the road was like turning here and there, kinda dangerous though! after such a long way, we finally got there… and saw something that we didnt wanna see~~ it’s under construction~~~!!! what the hell~?!~?!?!? we were so sadzz…

then we were thinking of what to do… we were about to go to either BOxhill for karaoke or to Doncaster to have pancakes… and we ended up at Pancake Parlour for pancakes… *oh my godz* and at that moment, my steamboat thingie still swimming in my stomach man… i really damn full… but i still gotta stuck pancakes in~~~ arghh~~~ and then 3 of us had 4 pancakes~~~ *oh ma* dont tell my mommie ok… else she will yell at me for eating non-stop again… i REALLY REALLY have to lose weight before going back!! damn!!

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lol…havent I told you before the steamboat over there is hopeless?=p oh well not too late that u know now..hehehe *bleh*

u dont need to lose weight! god! do u ever listen to what ppl say…..=p

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