[first of all, anyone with any comment is welcomed, please correct me if i am wrong =)]

i went to footscray market today under the super hot sun with 24 degrees this afternoon, so then i wore a baby tee with a pair of shorts and slippers… i was browsing around in the market, just to look for anything that i could buy… but then, i felt so uncomfortable when those working guys there kept their eyes on me and even asked their friends to look as well… i felt so irritated when their eyes like tailing… i was like, oh my godz, i was only in baby tee and shorts, and these people already acted like hungry wolves… what the hell man!! and at this point, i dont think that they looked at me as i am pretty or whatsoever, i think it’s basically that they are too HUNGRY~

i always find that those guys in market, selling vcds, handphone salesmen… blablabla are like that… i might have offended someone, but then i trully think that SOME OF THEM really like this, they like to use their eyes to tail girls, and even act like a scanner scanning from head to toes… it’s kinda scary though… just like a ‘hamsuplou’… probably we hardly find guys like a CEO, manager, teacher or blablabla doing this kinda action… maybe there are still some of them, but it’s relatively not so many…

it’s normal to look at someone or something that is eye-catching or extraordinary… but then, i guess there are ways to look just to show that we have class and not just simply EYE-ING… and also at least not to give pressure to the target instead of enjoy being looked…

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you know what.. i really see no point too… i mean the intensive “kapping” habit but sad enough i know someone that are like that.. really sien man.. i mean going out with people like that really “mempersiabaikan”… i just think it’s annoying to see people doing that tooo…

sigh 🙁 i never know tat there are ‘this’ kind of people in Aussy… hmm, maybe there are people like tat all around the world… sienzz ~ all kind of ‘humsaplou’ … yiacksss

I think only ASIANS and “some” guai lous will do that isnt it? More to ASIANS? guai Lous will not look so hungry because they usually think that their blonde aussie babes are way better than us asians@chinese. It is good that they dont call us ‘ugly duckling’ already. (my fren was being called this in canada once…. hehe) I would say most guys, especially ASIANS – love to ‘eye’ or ‘kapp’ girls in the way you described. Do you agree?

YEA!!! totally agree!! that’s why this happened in Footscray~ *footSCARY in another way* erm… some OLD guai lous do that also… *yucks*

Wah wah wear so hot yeah?=p Well,it is normal for guys to “kap” on girls who dress in very little clothes particularly shorts and baby,we should always bear in mind that we have the freedom to wear anything we like,anything we feel comfortable =),so heck it whatever the guys are doing.

One thing though, I had a few guy friends who told me this,why would girls bother wearing so skimpy WHICH means they want ppl especially guys to check them out……oh well thats what they told me..

wahlaoyeh… under 24 degrees wor… wanna wear like how? i would probably be dead edi lar…!! today also… damn!! dont know what to wear to work~~ *shiat*

No Comment, But then again… Funny though… I like the word “but then again”, anyway but then again, Asian people will always be Asian People… decency is always the main thing…which means….. Aiyar…you get what i mean lar….

24 degrees not hot already la … last time when i was in sydney 30++ degree le … hot until i can die ! lolz … u go to vietnamese place of course like that la … they prolly think you’re a vietnamese or something … lolz =P


oh well, my must BUT THEN AGAIN? hahahaha~~ funnieee~~~

haha… pic? where got pic lar… it’s over~ =P

wao….wao…we got hot chick here lo….dunno about aus….havent been there but goin 2 hehhehe….come usa u can c gals wearing bikini drivin car….wahaha…if i dun really hook my eyes 2 them, i m not a man….baby tee everywhere also got la!!!

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